Angie’s Community Connections

A feature where I showcase some of my recommendations of various professionals, tradespeople and businesses. As an involved member of the Kitchener community for over 35 years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with some amazing individuals and I want to share this list of contacts with all of you!

Mortgage Agents

Bryce Fleming:

Mark Benkovic:


Nino Gagliardi:

Olive Coke:


Iliana Henrich:

Joshua Gonzalez:


Yildiz Kiamil:

Julie Sawatsky:


Khaled Wahab:

Arifa Chanda:

Hair Stylist

Steelo Sanaie:

Helen Efthyvoulou:

Home Inspector

Fermin Robles:

Chad Hussey:

Dental Hygienist

Tracey Jurevicius:

BJ Champion: